Premium Delivery Service Now Available In Georgia

Premium Delivery Info

We are proud to announce a first-of-its-kind-in-Georgia, PREMIUM online sale and delivery program. The entire transaction can be completed through email, phone and text conversations, paperwork contracted virtually, and the vehicle delivered to your home. This premium service will allow you to save time, ensure peace of mind and purchase your next vehicle from the safest place for you; at home, at work or any other location you specify. These are just a few of the ways Jimmy Britt proves… we’re family. We go above and beyond with the cleaning and detailing of our vehicles. The vehicle will be pulled up with your name on it and the keys with our Management Team. The vehicle is held for you until you arrive at your scheduled time. Also in advance of your test drive and visit, we do a complete disinfecting procedure, Lysoling and Cloroxing the vehicle’s door handles, seats and steering wheel. Online or at the store, we want to ensure you and your family stay as healthy as possible.

Premium Service Info

We are the Jimmy Britt Automotive FAMILY, because we know family is important. For that reason, we’ve made significant advancements to how we do business during these health-focused times. Regarding your vehicle’s maintenance, we recognize you want to limit your time in the store, so we’ve solved that, as well as created a PREMIUM program to give you the best experience possible moving forward. For the convenience of our loyal service customers, know that we’ve added 15 additional loaner vehicles to our fleet, and all vehicles in our fleet, as well as our guest’s vehicles leaving our store will be fully disinfected. Best of all, we’re launching a Premium Pick-up and Re-Delivery service whenever your vehicle needs maintenance. We’ll pick it up at your home or work and bring you back your vehicle when the maintenance is finished, so you don’t have to wait in the store. All this to make sure you and your family save time and stay healthy. Just one more way Jimmy Britt proves… we’re family.